Lions Club District 12N Fall Forum
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Facebook Facts:

  • 79% of American adults use Facebook
  • The average Facebook user has 155 friends
  • (Facebook has 2 billion monthly users


Ways to Use Facebook as a Club:

  • Inform Your Community about What You Do: Post photos of service projects or member recognitions, give vision screening/food pantry reports, share links to your website posts
  • Educate the Public with posts about eye safety, vision symptoms to look out for, articles about the importance of screenings
  • Recruit New Members by promoting upcoming meetings/speakers or give out a call for volunteers
  • Announce Events such as club meetings, White Cane collection, or park cleanup day.
  • Launch Fundraisers like your pecan sales, #GivingTuesday, or a drive for disaster relief


Important Differences between Profile, Page, Group

  • Profiles must be an individual, not a club or business
  • Profiles can create Pages and Groups
  • Pages operate as entities. Groups operate as discussions.
  • Pages can collect reviews (Groups can’t)
  • Pages show up on searches (Groups are somewhat limited)
  • Pages can control content better than Groups
  • Pages can buy ads/promotions


What You Need to Decide Before Creating a Page:

  • Who will own the Page (must be a member of your club)?
  • Who will post on the Page (several can)?
  • Who will monitor the Page (delete content)?
  • What password will you use? Record it in case something happens to the owner


What You Need to Have Before Creating a Page:

  • Good Cover Picture (1200×600 pixels recommended)
  • Short Description of Your Club’s Purpose/Mission
  • Contact Info (mailing address/P.O., phone, email, etc.)


Create Your Page ( > Create a Page)

  • Select Your Page Type (Organization > Cause recommended)
  • Skip adding photos, but instead go to Settings >Page Visibility> Unpublished to prevent your unfinished changes from posting to the public.


Build your Page Profile (Page > Create Page @Username)

  • Create a user name for your page (for example: Maryville Lions)
  • Select some categories
  • Enter a short description
  • Upload a Cover Photo and Logo (recommended Size :1200×600 ) You can use a tool like to create attractive cover photos (


Assign Page Roles (Settings > Page Roles)

  • Have another person besides yourself as Admin in case your account gets hacked.
  • If at some point you no longer wants to be an admin, ownership can be transferred to someone else by first adding them as an admin and then removing yourself.


Publish your Page and Invite Friends to Follow (Settings >Page Visibility> Published )

  • To access your club page, click on Home and look for your page listed on the upper right side after posts.
  • Get your members to comment using their personal profiles
  • Check your Club Page frequently for interactions
  • Respond to comments and messages from others


Advanced Facebook Features to Check Out Later:

Insights: Learn what’s interesting to others

Publishing Tools: Schedule posts ahead of time

Calling out other People/Pages with @

Tagging Others in Photos

Using Pay-per-click Ads

Set a limit

Use a prepaid credit card

Know your cost vs reward

Posting Online Order Forms (POWr Order Form for WordPress)

Soliciting reviews

Broadcasting Live (Page > Publish > LIVE)