Staging Your Home

Your home is a major asset that has likely increased in value since you bought it, but you may need to do some updates and repairs before you show it off. Here are some home selling tips on preparing your home for sale:

Find the Right Help

Use licensed contractors when possible because they have had to meet certain requirements. I also suggest any necessary permits be pulled by the contractor so they are at risk if something doesn’t meet code. Don’t pay any contractor the full amount up front, but negotiate to pay them enough to cover materials when they begin and the balance when the job is complete. In some cases, I may be able to provide some names of contractors I’ve done business with in the past. Here are a couple of helpful resources.

Verify a Contractor is Licensed  You’ll have to select the profession (most contractors fall under the category of CONTRACTOR) and state to run a search. A contractor may license under their own name or a company name. Sometimes I leave the name blank when I’m shopping for a licensed contractor.

List of State Licensed Septic Installers/Pumpers   This list is updated by the state.

Get Inspiration

You can find a lot of good ideas online. 

My Favorite DIY Repair Site  If you have a home problem to solve, check out this incredibly helpful forum full of experts and advice.

Houzz Design Ideas  If you want some decorating inspiration, check out this site.

What’s in Style  Sometimes I just want to see a few trendy photos to get me started on a decorating project. HGTV is a great place to look at object groupings on a table or bookshelf too. I’m not excited about their color choices for 2023, but they’re not alone in those color recommendations. HouseBeautiful agrees. Remember though, if you’re getting ready to sell you should stay conservative with your wall colors. Vibrant Red is something you either love or hate!

Prioritize Projects

#1 Fix all “quality of living items” first. If you have a beautiful home but the master shower doesn’t work or the porch roof is leaking, fix it. Most buyers don’t want to inherit problems. If the driveway has cracked and dropped off, it will be remembered over the beautiful front door, so get those things taken care of.



#2 Update and improve where it matters most. Kitchens and Master Suites are usually the highest priority of many buyers. This is where families gather and friends are entertained. Buyers like clean, attractive cabinets, reliable appliances, and functional layout. If you’re remodeling, keep the kitchen triangle in mind. Buyers also like a place where they can retreat at night. Invest in replacing old lighting and other items that don’t say “I’m worth it.”


#3 First impressions matter. Clean up your landscaping and throw in some colors through planters or flowers. This gives the impression you take care of the home. You want to knock their socks off when a buyer pull up. This is what is meant by “curb appeal”  because the home appeals to a buyer as soon as they pull up to the curb.


Didn’t find the resource you were looking for? Contact me with your question and I’ll see if I can help you.